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C547 - Ho Ho Ho! Romper with Rhinestone Studs C548 - Ho Ho Ho! Double String Thong & Bra Set C654 - Ho Ho Ho Slingshot Set
Hat sold separately. Stockings and Gloves Not Included.
C655 - Ho Ho Ho Studded Thong & Bra Set C655H - Ho Ho Ho Studded Hat C656 - Ho Ho Ho Tutu Skirt Set with Thong
C657 - Ho Ho Ho Ring Romper C658 - Candy Cane Dress C659 - Candy Cane Wide Band Thong & Bra Set
C659B - Candy Cane Money Bag C660 - Candy Cane Hat C663 - Candy Cane Bootie Set with Thong
C664 - Gold Star Romper with Star Studs C666 - Candy Delight Thong & Bra Set C667 - Candy Delight Slingshot Set
C668 - Candy Delight Bootie Set with Thong C669 - Candy Delight Skirt Set with Thong C670 - Red Sequin Thong & Bra Set
C671 - Red Sequin Slingshot Set C672 - Red Sequin Romper with Star Studs C673 - Green Sequin Thong & Bra Set
C674 - Green Sequin Slingshot Set C675 - Green Sequin Romper with Star Studs C685 - Mrs. Claus Thong & Bra Set with Rhinestone Bow on Butt
C686 - Gold Holiday Novelty Thong C688 - Sleigh Novelty Thong C690 - Candy Cane Novelty Thong
C691 - White Shimmer Novelty Thong C692 - Candy Delight Novelty Thong C693 - Gold Men's Thong
C694 - Silver Men's Thong C695 - Red Velvet Men's Thong C696 - Ho Ho Ho Men's Thong
C697 - Holiday Thong W8604 - Black Holiday Thong W8640 - Merry Christmas Thong & Top Set with Garter & Bells