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V900 - Rhinestone Heart Thong & Bra Set V900M - Rhinestone Heart Mask V901 - Rhinestone Heart Slingshot Set
V902 - Rhinestone Heart Bootie Set V903 - Red Hot Lace Thong & Bra Set V903M - Red Hot Lace Mask
V904 - Red Hot Lace Slingshot Set V905 - Red Hot Lace Dress with Thong V906 - Red Sequin Thong & Bra Set
V906M - Red Sequin Mask V907 - Red Sequin Slingshot Set V909 - Red Sequin Romper
V910 - Love Net Thong & Bra Set V912 - Love Net Dress with Thong V913 - Love Net Bootie Set with Thong
V914 - Love Burst Thong & Bra Set V914B - Love Burst Money Bag V914M - Love Burst Mask
V916 - Love Burst Tutu Skirt Set with Thong V917 - Love Burst Romper V918 - Cupid's Favorite Rhinestone Trimmed Romper with Tie Skirt
Rhinestones on the romper are on the collar, top and bottom!
V919 - Cupid's Favorite Rhinestone Trimmed Robe with Thong