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C473 - Holiday Velvet Thong & Bra Set C473G - Holiday Velvet Gartini Pair C477 - Holiday Stripe Bootie Set
Gartinis sold separately.
C477G - Holiday Stripe Gloves C477M - Holiday Stripe Mask C478 - Holiday Velvet Fringe Thong & Bra Set
C482C - Choker with Sequin Bow C486 - Holiday Velvet Fringe Babydoll C537 - Holiday Sequin Thong & Bra Set
C537G - Holiday Sequin Garter C539 - Holiday Velvet Romper with Buckle C540 - Holiday Velvet Bootie Set with Thong
C541 - Holiday Velvet Tutu Skirt Set C541B - Holiday Velvet Money Bag C541H - Holiday Velvet Hat
Money bag sold separately.
C544 - Red Rhinestone Slingshot Set with Rhinestone Buckles! C546 - Ho Ho Ho! Tutu Skirt Set with Rhinestone Studs and Thong C547 - Ho Ho Ho! Romper with Rhinestone Studs
Hat sold separately.
C548 - Ho Ho Ho! Double String Thong & Bra Set C549 - Ho Ho Ho! Studded Wide Band Thong & Bra Set C550 - Snow Angel Hoodie Set with Tie Side Bikini
Stockings and Gloves Not Included.
C554 - Red Diamond Mesh Babydoll Dress C555 - Red Diamond Mesh Bootie Set with Halter Top C557 - Sequin Rhinestone Studded Thong & Bra Set (Silver)
C558 - Assorted Holiday Thongs - White C559 - Holiday Bow Garter C560 - Assorted Holiday Thongs - Red
C561 - Red Holiday Bow Garter C562 - Red Showgirl Outfit C563 - Snow Angel Wide Band Thong & Bra Set
C564 - Snow Angel Slingshot Set C646 - Red Sequin Strappy Thong & Bra Set C647 - Red Sequin Slingshot Set
*** Wrap Not Included ***
C648 - Red Sequin Strappy Romper C648B - Red Sequin Money Bag C648G - Red Sequin Garter
Money bag and garter sold separately.